IoT for Smart City


IoT - Internet Of Things

Represents a higher level of use and exploitation of the Internet.

IoT is a set of Internet-connected devices that have a unique identifier and are able to exchange information through various applications (usually hosted in the cloud) to automate the processes for which they were designed.

IoT devices are programmed to make decisions without human intervention.

Connecting objects, services, people and environments yields many benefits:

  • Improved productivity: IoT allows monitoring and control of processes, thus improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Predictive analysis: Collecting a large volume of data allows highlighting aspects that exceed the individual capacity of the human mind.
  • Quick answers: Real-time monitoring and reaction automation make it possible to optimize processes and prevent disasters.
  • Reducing human input in process control.

Why Smart City?

A Smart City means a city that uses modern technology (including IoT) for the benefit of its inhabitants. Modern technology (IoT) is not necessarily a luxury, on the contrary, it has been shown to simplify our existence and make it less expensive in many respects. Smart and Technological means more educated, healthier, less expensive, more involved in everything that means the public administration process, more opportunities for the citizen and the business environment, benefits that translate into improved quality of life - easier interaction and friendly to people with the city, the environment, their peers and oriented towards a future supported by even better technologies.

The concept goes beyond the relationship between citizens and public service providers and offers tools that encourage citizens to be more active and participatory in community life. For example, to provide feedback on the condition of the roads, to adopt a healthier lifestyle or to participate, as volunteers, in various social activities. In this way, a Smart City will be a more attractive place to live, work and recreate.